Groundhog Day?

      Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Enough is enough! It’s time we stood up and stop the bleeding, bullying and bureaucracy. Let’s turn around the Rust Belt by taking ownership and lead it in a new direction. It’s time to rewrite the rules and take a different […]

The Hourglass

  I have a passion for writing. I don’t have to depend on anyone but myself. If I don’t like what I’ve written I can use the backspace key to delete it. I don’t need anyone’s approval or disapproval. My life is that simple. My stories can be inspiring or merely average. The subject can […]

Don’t Stop Believin’

While writing and self-publishing my last book, instead of receiving positive remarks many of the comments were negative. People don’t want you to attempt to do what they don’t have the patience or interest to do. Thoses sometimes well-meaning comments were tough on me because I was doing something meaningful for myself and my core […]

Mr. Seth Godin

Several blogs ago, I mentioned some cool startup projects seeking funding using Kickstarter. I was happy to be able to contribute to Seth Godin’s unique publishing transformation idea, which sought $40,000.00 in donations to publish his upcoming book- “The Icarus Deception: Why Make Art?” The dollar amount was exceeded within 3 hours on Kickstarter. So […]

What message are you sending?

A mediocre band director conducts the musicians and sets the tempo. A great band director inspires the musicians and the audience. The great band director realizes he is leading people to invoke a mood or tell a musical story by creating art, while making a powerful impression to those listening and watching him (customers and […]

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