Today, You have a Choice!

The only choice worse than making the wrong choice is to do nothing. The crowd that could make a difference is the mass of people who fail to show. The 80/20 rule applies to most everything including voting. Today, we have the opportunity to let our voices be heard. Don’t waste one of our most […]

The Door is Open!

Many of the things we could achieve in our lives are within our grasp today. We no longer need permission from a higher authority to begin. Recognition by the fraternity, a degree or license isn’t necessary. The door is open! Find your passion, spread the idea and build your tribe. Do what you’ve always dreamed […]

He simply- Watched, Listened and Learned!

I remember during my first book signing, many classmates, old friends, teachers and former board members made an appearance. It was an exciting moment, but at the same time a bit awkward.The biggest surprise came when a local TV crew arrived with a newspaper reporter from a local newspaper to interview me. I was definitely […]

The One Interface We Need!

Today, I spent a majority of the day tweaking numbers to improve my department’s budget. In doing so, I was able to free-up over $6,000.00 from one project. Saving the department $1000.00 per hour in expense was well spent time.  While working, it occurred to me how other organizations spend little time actually examining the […]

Just Like Johnny Appleseed!

Back in the early 1800’s, it was customary to retire to bed at night and leave the cabin unlocked. Neighbors and Native American Indians were welcome 24/7. Locking the cabin was considered an insult. Sharing heat and food was common. Considering the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the most honorable feat would be to help out […]

Advertise With Us!

Advertise With Us!

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