Band of The Week: Lords of The Highway!

All photos used courtesy of: Christina Klemm. I saw “Lords of The Highway,” one of my favorite local bands, recently at the Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern. I have seen the Lords many times before and they always get better, Friday night was no exception. The Lords of The Highway is a rockabilly band that […]

Band of The Week – Paul Borger!

I recently saw Paul Borger perform at Coffee Corners in Burton, Ohio. Paul Borger was a breath of fresh air to see and hear. He makes the guitar sound better than it has a right too. His music is finger picking Blues and a stomp box. I sat in wonder at how effortlessly he combined […]

Me Like Bees- The Grog Shop March 3rd, 2015

First off, I am a heavy metal guy with eclectic tastes. So when I saw Me Like Bees at The Grog Shop, I had my doubts. What a surprise I was in for! I watched their twenty five minute set and found myself very much enjoying their music. I also was amazed at how at […]

Interview: Luke Sheafer and Me Like Bees to Sting Cleveland!

I caught up with Luke Sheafer of Me Like Bees on the phone, Luke is the vocalist of the indie/alternative rock band. I felt bad because I woke him up at the crack of noon with my call. He was sick, tired and this was a rare day off for the band. “We sleep in as […]

Reverend Morbid Interview and CD Review: “Weird Tales of Sex, Death, and Booze!”

This is my Reverend Morbid CD review. I saw the Rev open for Wednesday 13 at the Cleveland Agora and I was taken aback by the band’s raw energy live show. I decided that I would meet the Reverend Morbid before I reviewed his album. Reverend Morbid is the name of a person, and the […]

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