Are You Making a Difference?

Image courtesy of: rayand.One of the topics we discussed on Caroline Gavin’s podcast was the importance of doing something meaningful. We spoke about the fact opportunities exist all around us. We need to look outside ourselves and realize we can make a difference in the world.

Too often, we become caught-up in the immediate responsibilities of our daily lives and fail to see the very needs of others.

When was the last time you actually sat down and took an inventory of where you are and what you are doing?

Maybe it’s time.

Jeff Goins looked past himself and found a world that wrecked his life. Justin Lucasavige recently quit a start-up venture to focus on something far more touching in people’s lives. These folks decided to make a difference. You can too.

There is a need for every one of us to find a purpose in our lives. Mine won’t be spent in a cubicle living for the next paycheck, waiting for someone’s approval or fighting to keep from being “thrown off the island.”

Every one of us knows what the problems are; but few take the chance to stand-up and care. We were taught to fit-in, don’t rock the boat and comply. It’s risky to take a stand, put your faith on the line. After all; what if we fail?

But doing something meaningful isn’t about failing, it’s about bravery, being rock solid in our faith and committed to making a difference.

That’s not asking a lot.

So it’s time to put our words into action. We need to wear our heart on our sleeves. The effort to do something remarkable is waiting for you and me. We’ve wasted years focusing on our own wants, needs and desires.

Ironically those “things” didn’t satisfy our thirst.

I referred to myself the other day on Caroline’s show as the “Roy Roger’s of bloggers.”That is part of my quest, to take a stand against those who attempt to keep us as “slaves to their system.” The subject doesn’t matter. Being heard certainly matters.

Being the “good guy in the white hat” is only the beginning of my journey. Greater opportunities are in store for me. That’s the exciting part of my venture.

Isn’t it time for you to make a difference?

So, let’s saddle-up and ride.

Who’s with me?



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