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Image used courtesy of: jurvetson. Two weeks ago, I found myself unemployed. Laid-off, as in job eliminated. Nearly 32 years at the same organization and I was tossed to the curb. The same organization laid-off my wife 6 months ago, after nearly 33 years of service. 

It was an interesting month. Our health insurance expired in February and I just learned my knee buckling is actually due to a rare bone disease. What else could go wrong? Oh yea, let’s not forget our debt.

Most people drowning in debt would be stressed out. Panic would be the normal agenda. Granted, the day I was informed of the bad news my head was spinning at times. But the relief to finally have the freedom to develop my own business overshadows debt at the moment.

In a way it seems like a gift. The push to do what I’ve always wanted and the courage do so with no excuse. I knew the moment I was axed- that day would change my life. I’ve been dreaming about being able to work on my own terms for some time.

We have options and we have a plan. Some might work, some won’t. It gives me the chance to do what many would like too, but few do. Many people loose interest after a setback or a few months of attempting a business start-up. I’m the guy who doesn’t quit, once I decide to start.

That’s why I know I will be successful.

I’ve got the kind advice and friendship from folks at Dan Miller’s and one of the finest financial counselors from Dave Ramsey’s own personal team in Nashville to assist us. With the help of The Good Lord above and the driven passion to succeed- we will be successful.

Fortune has also smiled on my development of new friends. I am amazed at how many of my friends have written books and have their own businesses. These entrepreneurs are quality individuals who are in it for the long-tail, not fly-by-night results. Most importantly, they really do care about their clients, customers and associates.

Through networking, slowly creating a tribe, a guest post and sharing the truth with my readers; I am now seeing a surge in growth. My website traffic nearly doubled in January! I must be doing something meaningful.

Connecting with people gives us options we never knew existed. By connectiong and building relationships, doors open that previousely were closed. We no longer have to seek permission or wait our turn. The old barriers are crumbling.

Thank you– to my mentors, friends and readers!


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