Adelitas Way PRAY FOR PEACE TOUR with: Caleb Johnson, Devils Run, The Missing Letters and TRUST.

Adelitas Way

Adelitas Way Rockin’ the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill.

This past Wednesday we were blown away by the performances of The Missing Letters, Devils Run, American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson, Adelitas Way, and TRUST.  The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill in Mansfield, Ohio was packed with fans from near and far that came to support their favorite bands but also to see what all the hype is about at the venue.

Once again, fans and bands are treated with top service from door security to drink and food specials.   The grunge scene and low light ambiance from inside to the outdoor patio bar had everyone pumped for a rocking night.  The patio area has re-gone some decorating improvements and many enjoyed the outdoor improvements.

With the weather semi-cooperative the crowd worked their way into Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill steadily as the bands set to increase the heat indoors. The night of scheduled bands had increased from the original line-up, so fans once again received more than their money’s worth of music!

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Devils Run

Our night was set off by the rocking sounds and entertainment from none other than Devils Run.  The Las Vegas band formerly known as Taking Dawn hit it hard in Mansfield.  Lead vocalist Chris Babbitt showcased how well he can keep the music natural and edgy going from charming smiles to powerful vocals straight into the microphone and right into our ears.

Each band member added to the hype and craziness of the set.  Bassist Geddy Reyes was hoisted up onto Babbitt’s shoulders and Babbitt carried him around the stage where they continued to rock on as if that’s the only way they could.   Guitarist Steven Anderson and Drummer Dee Puente were just as incredible with stage games and thrashing music.  I personally bought their CD and after a week rocking to whenever I drive I found that in my own opinion they are an excellent cross between the undertones of Black Sabbath and Avenged Sevenfold.  If you have the chance to grab a CD get one and after that go see them live because I know it will be a night you wont forget.

Devils Run Photo Gallery.

The Missing Letters

The stage was set with each of the four band members of the alternative rock band The Missing Letters.  We had Shannon Drymalski on Drums, Jonny Capello on Bass, Josh Ripley on Guitar and Vocals as well as Bryan Murphy on Vocals and Guitar.  They had a set that continued the steady evening of great music.

I felt a very 70’s psychedelic side taken with a 90’s rock twist and that is a sign of originality that I can truly appreciate in a band.  Off their latest EP titled “Lucille” my favorite jam I heard live that night was “Anything But This.” Bryan’s vocals are so smooth, the guitar riffs are so raw and the beats are upbeat and their rock is fun. On stage they were melting into their music and you can see it on their faces that they love their place on the stage.  I’m already wanting to see them live again.

Missing Letters Photo Gallery.

Caleb Johnson

Hitting the middle of our evening we had the Asheville, North Carolina Native and 13th American Idol Winner, Caleb Johnson.  Caleb took the stage with his band and they had the crowd head banging and rocking out with his powerful voice and band.  They played songs off his new EP. ‘Born from Southern Ground’ as well as amazing covers just as he had done so well on American Idol. His vocals were so intense and the crowd loved him.

The American Idol Winner hung-out  at the bar prior to the show, allowing fans to spend some time “Hangin’ With The Band”, proving he’s no prima donna. Once Caleb took the stage the attitude changed as he unleashed his lungs into the air. The certainty of his attitude and stage presence was like a shot out of a cannon. Caleb Johnson knows his style is his forte’ and isn’t afraid to use it!  I’m looking forward to more to come from Caleb.

Caleb Johnson Photo Gallery.

Adelitas Way

Now the time had come for our night to be rocked by Adelitas Way. They hit the stage and the crowd shouted and screamed with excitement. Opening with “The Collapse”, the band stormed through the tune like a blizzard! The  single,  “Ready for War (Pray for Peace)” off of the same title of their latest album was my favorite of the night. The vocals and heavy riffs were a definitive strength as Adelitas Way made quite a political statement.

The power ballad “Hurt” and “Bad Reputation’ amped-up the crowd further. “Somebody Wishes They Were You”, flowed like fine wine from the first note to the last. The beautiful chorus and reprieve were astounding! The ballad, “Closer To You” was moving, building into the chorus and as it resonated through the venue. The new single “Tell Me” had the fans singing along and swaying their hands in the air.

‘Blur” with its eerie introduction, advanced into a quasi-grunge sound as it further delighted the crowd. The band blew me away with “Sick”. The heaviness and strong vocals were intertwined to provide a monumental journey into the void! “Dog On A Leash” hit us like a house-fire as the band rocked and took us through the tune. It’s twisted guitar harmonies and tones perfectly define Adelitas Way at their best!

Adelitas Way Photo Gallery.


As lead vocalist, Jacob Tackett stood tall over the crowd, anyone whose ever heard TRUST perform knew we were in for a great night of hard rock. The proverbial party band has pretty much seen it all at one time or another during their existence. But this night took a different turn of events as the band went from opener to headliner. Handling the changes like the true professionals they are; TRUST proceeded with an all-out assault of furious sound beckoning for those who were in attendance to notice their anthems loud and clear.

Bassist, Cornell Webb  gave us rock-star poses and fingered his way across the neck. It’s clear TRUST is his pride and joy as he maneuvers across the stage. Guitarist, Jake Wolf pored his heart and soul into his monstrous guitar licks, smiling as he delivered the goods.  The young man is a beast on the six-strings! The other shredder, Riley Beaire took -off like a 747 on the runway. Riley is a speed demon on the strings, cascading a avalanche of harmonics as he dazzled the crowd!

Drummer,  Randy Shenberger walloped the drums with a furious pace. The man just maintains his focus despite all the madness surrounding him onstage. Lead vocalist, Jacob Tacket is the ultimate front-man, as he perpetuates insane vocals, works the fans and literally has them at his beckoning. A true performer who relinquishes his soul into every performance and never holds back!

TRUST gave us a couple of new tunes and rumor has it they will be heading into the studio to work on an EP! TRUST struck quick and often at the hearts of the fans.  The energy was high and mighty as the hard rockers escalated through their set to the smiles of the crowd.

TRUST Photo Gallery.

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