JIM-DRUMS.jpgJim Carver is an author, writer, blogger and entrepreneur. Jim has a passion for helping others to “do something meaningful with their lives.” Following inspiring artists such as Seth Godin, Steven Pressfield, Dan Miller, and Chris Guillebeau has led him to “push” the need to do something you love, not except mediocrity and pursue the freedom to find your own true calling. I have been actively blogging for nearly 3 years and have posted over 200 blogs.

 Jim self-published: The Legacy of David A. Wells- The Lexington High School “Band of Gold” in August of 2010.

In 2012, Jim moved his Rust Belt Chronicles Blog to his own website. He began to realize the local and national news media were interested in reporting news only favorable to their political agenda and financial backers, instead of honest journalism. The rise of alternative media through the Internet led Jim to investigate “why” and “what” is going on. What Jim discovered changed the way he views business, politics and society.

In April of 2013, Jim Carver  attempted to run his own one day a week online newspaper- The Rust Belt Chronicles. He quickly realized it’s not feasible to attempt to run an entire operation without assistance.

By March of 2014 he decided to move ahead with seeking a staff to assist in writing stories.

Out of the blue, he ran into a journalist, who asked to assist and connected Jim to a sports journalist. Then he met with someone whom he remembered having experience as an graphic artist. Little did he know, she would provide the inspirational boost with her marketing and entrepreneurship experience. In less than two weeks, The Rust Belt Chronicles doubled it’s viewers and became a reality!

Your success is our success. Life’s too short-let’s make a legacy together.

Please join me by following The Rust Belt Chronicles as together- we will make a difference!


Jim Carver

President: The Rust Belt Chronicles

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