A Killer’s Confession Slays A Hometown Crowd At Their CD Release Party at The Foundry Concert Club!

A Killer’s Confession

A Killer’s Confession

 Photo: © 2017 Alex Belisle/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

On Saturday April 29, 2017, The Foundry Concert Club  in Lakewood Ohio hosted the Release Party for “Unbroken”, the new CD by A Killer’s Confession.

Waylon Reavis, vocalist of AKC . Photo: Alex Belisle.

In what amounted to about 2 weeks’ notice, AKC and the EMP Label Group threw together an event that ended up being a pretty great party celebrating the bands official entrance on to the music scene with the release of a full CD. Of course pretty much everyone in attendance knew that AKC is the latest project for former Mushroomhead’s Waylon Reavis. What they probably didn’t know was that they were in for more than just some hardcore headbanging, thanks to the candor of Mr Reavis, they were also going to get some uplifting words and leave with some great life advice… I know, not what you’d expect to say about a heavy metal/hard rock show, but more on that later…

Back to the event…the party had a family vibe that was welcoming and there was a sense of comradery between the musicians and those in attendance. The members of AKC were out mingling with fans from the time the doors opened.  No ego or pretense, just love for the people and the desire to share music…a theme that would play out again and again throughout the night. Adding to that family feel were Waylon’s wife and daughter welcoming fans and working the AKC merch booth.

Photo Gallery: © 2017 Alex Belisle/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Opening up the night and getting the masses amped up were local favorites Two Dead Roses, Deadleaf, The Party, and Erasing Never.  Erasing Never fans might be surprised to hear they performed, as the band is currently searching for a new bassist, but in keeping with the family vibe, JP Cross (current bassist for AKC) stepped into his old shoes for a night and performed with his old friends. Their set ended with Reavis joining them onstage to provide additional vocals on “The InBetween”.

Photo Gallery: © 2017 Shannon Hamilton/The Rust Belt Chronicles. 

Waylon Reavis. Photo: Shannon Hamilton.

After that it was time for AKC to hit the stage. They opened the set with the song that inspired the band’s name, “A Killer’s Confession”. The song has a heavy metal/electronic ariose akin to one of my favorite bands, Korn. No surprise, given the contributing guest guitarist on the album track is Korn’s own Brian “Head” Welch. Heads were banging and it didn’t take long for some moshing to start up in the middle of the large crowd. To chants of “AKC! AKC!” they went into the second song “Reason”, and the crowd surfing was on.

Before starting the next song Reavis took a moment to talk to the crowd about how a year ago he never thought he would be back performing for a living. He spoke of the importance of realizing we are all masters of our own fate and we need to search out what makes us most happy and pursue it. It was a moment of Joseph Campbell, meets Rock N’ Roll.

Very Cool.

 A Killer’s Confession Gallery #1.

Photos: © 2017 Shannon Hamilton/The Rust Belt Chronicles. 

And that is how it was throughout the night… raging tune, followed by a little positive life coaching… follow your bliss, let go of hate, tell people you love them, know you are worthy of good things,  lose yourself in the music, and have a good time. I know many would think of hard rock/metal as bringing about heavy and dark emotions, but the combination of a light message followed by a chance to thrash away in the pit was actually cathartic.

A Killer’s Confession Photo Gallery #2.

 Photos: © 2017 Alex Belisle/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

I have talked a lot about the frontman of AKC, but it should be noted in no way can you look at this group as Waylon Reavis with a new band behind him. AKC is it’s own band, and they are a cohesive unit bursting with talent. Guitarist Matt Trumpy, guitarist, Paul Elliott, bassist J.P. Cross and drummer, Jon Dale blend so smoothly together it was hard to believe that AKC has not been performing together for years. The team approach is evident, even down to the merch, where there is a different t-shirt design representing each bandmate. I know, GREAT idea, right? It was really cool to look around at the tshirts on the crowd and see people supporting each individual on stage.

Ok back to the music…I can honestly say one thing that surprised me was that every song they played had a slightly different sound…which personally I love. “1080p” was a combination of slow and fast, hard and melodic, and showcased lighter sounding vocals, as opposed to  “LOL-Life of the Lost”, which had a hardcore sound with grinding rock vocals.  I also loved the song they closed the night with,  “Rebirth”, a song that’s meaning goes back to some of that letting go of hate life advice I mentioned earlier.

Looking back, it was an honor to be in attendance on such a special night. Quality musicians, quality vocals, a positive message….overall I have to say I think this is just the beginning for A Killer’s Confession. Check out their CD “Unbroken” sometime soon, or if you can check them out on tour.

*Note- My apology to all the bands and management for the delay in the article. Between my ongoing illness and our busiest month of scheduled concert coverage ever, it has been a difficult time.  I want to thank Jennifer Colleen for the superb review and photographers, Alex Belisle and Shannon Hamilton for their first shooting assignment with The Rust Belt Chronicles! All of the above mentioned people Rock!

– Love, Jim Carver CEO, Founder/The Rust Belt Chronicles


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