A Jukebox City: Columbus, OH

All Photos: Débora Holcman

Columbus is a neoteric Jukebox. When you insert yourself into this city, it’s easy to find yourself rhythmically in sync with the many tunes of humanity. 

It always tickles me whenever the media tries to portray Columbus as a boring platform for farms. My favorite television show, Grey’s Anatomy had a character announce that she was from Columbus and grew up on a farm. Although they do exist heavily on the outskirts of Columbus, this city is much more alive than cows and corn.

Photography by : Débora Holcman.

Photography by : Débora Holcman.

Columbus is a city where you can experience the freedoms and creativeness of the wild ones who dare to be different, and enjoy the comforts of a homey atmosphere. There are so many different kinds of people who specially contribute to the greater sounds of Columbus. Between cultures, ages and lifestyles, there are plenty of things to appeal to all. 

Photography by : Débora Holcman.


It always amazes me of how much I still do not know about this city. But, the unknown is what makes me appreciate the city that much more; just means there’s that much more to discover.


If you’re skeptical of one person’s point of view, here’s what a few others had to say after being asked to describe Columbus in one sentence:


“The unofficial cultural point for America.”Sam Bible, 32

“Very different.”Noah Palm, 22

“An eclectic, electro-magnetic environment”Lee Singharaj, 30

“Columbus is a fun, safe, festive and eventful place to live.”Berkan Alasya

“I would say Columbus is a beautiful and unique city with many adventures.”Ashley McAvoy

“Columbus is a city on the move, it’s always changing, growing, and there’s always something happening.” – Arthur Davis, 26

Now, join me as I follow the beats of Columbus. You won’t be dissatisfied!


Bianca M. Lee


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