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Back in early July, I wrote about the Kickstarter project entitled: I’m Fine, Thanks! The film is a documentary by Crank Tank Studios, who travelled the country  interviewing people who created their own success, by not settling for mediocrity. (This is the stuff I love to write about and I can’t wait to see this motivating film).

i'm fine facebookThe Film Crew of: I’m Fine, Thanks!
 The film is now available and it’s definitely worth purchasing. Director, Grant Peelle, Producer, Adam Baker and their team travelled throughout the United States for two months interviewing and spending time with people motivated to change their life to live their passions and dreams. Rounding out the team was- John Cropper, the Assistant Editor and Camera 0perator, Bryan Olinger served as the Director of Photography and Dustin Koester handling Sound and Audio.

I’m Fine, Thanks features best-selling authors, bloggers, academics, and common folks tired of being stuck in a cubicle or dangling from a corporate ladder. It’s loaded with dozens of stories relating to the moment people became fed-up attempting to live someone else’s life, keeping up with the Jones’s, realizing money doesn’t buy happiness, the despair of debt and in some cases physically sick from job-related stress.  

Two of the interesting stories were the family living in a converted school bus and an author who lives in a cozy 300-square foot home. The documentary focuses extensively on those who realized the potential to live their childhood dreams and the events leading up to that moment. Lots of minimalistic living and the important role of family are heavily discussed in this superb film.

Director, Grant Peelle narrates the story and he keeps the story flowing with thoughts and emotion. You may recall reading about Adam Baker and his family in Chris Guillebeau’s best-sellingbook, The Art of Non-Conformity. Adam and his wife sold all of their possessions to relieve their debt and move overseas.

My only negative statement regarding the film is the two “F” Bombs used weren’t necessary and it would have been educational to discover how the families actually completed their steps (“The Forge” bus and cozy 300 sq. Ft. home grabbed my curiosity) to change lifestyles.

Who knows, maybe that could be a follow-up project for Grant and Adam, along with how Kickstarter played a key role by crowd-funding this wonderful documentary?

I’m Fine, Thanks is certainly empowering. The Cinematography and editing by Patrick Moreau of StillMotion is excellent. .

Grant Peelle, Adam Baker and crew are doing what the film recommends-

“Live Your Dream- Not The American Dream.” 

I’m Fine, Thanks is a career and life changing work of Art! It’s a call to live your life. This documentary proves that despite location, career, wealth and backgroundanyone can lead a fulfilling meaningful life simply by following their own passion and dreams!

Order your copy of I’m Fine, Thanks– today. You’ll be glad you did!


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