44 Years Later: The Coyne/Helicopter UFO Incident in Mansfield, Ohio!


Photo courtesy of: DonkeyHotey.


*UFO story updated from original article published in October of 2013.

Whenever I recall the Coyne/Helicopter/UFO incident in Mansfield, Ohio on October 18th, 1973 I get goose-bumps. 44-years later, it’s still considered one of the greatest UFO events in history. My family, neighbors, other residents and four Army Reserve crewman above Mansfield, Ohio; were about to witness a event that defied logic and change our opinion forever.

My brother, Bill Carver, first noticed the lights in the distant southwestern sky. It was still daylight and the sun was setting. I remember seeing three lights and one of those lights (left of the other objects) may have been a star. My Dad, brother and myself shared the binoculars as we witnessed the middle object perform incredible movements dancing in the sky at incredible laser precision angles and speed. The middle object wasn’t as bright as the other two objects, but the maneuvers were spectacular. We could see red, green and white lights blinking constantly as we were viewing from a kitchen window.

During one of my turns watching the UFO, I saw the smaller center object merge into the larger object to its right. As far as my research, this has never been reported.

Bill suddenly shouted out- “It’s moving” as he became visibly excited.

As the object appeared closer to our neighborhood, we went outside to get a better view as the UFO slowly moved northeast towards Mansfield, Ohio. At this time, several of our neighbors came over to our property and witnessed the event. I got bored watching the cigar-shaped object, so I got in the car and drove towards Mansfield to get a closer view. Little did I know, I would miss one of the most prolific UFO events in history.

Meanwhile, Army helicopter pilot, Captain Lawrence Coyne and three members of his squadron were returning to Cleveland, Ohio in their helicopter. As the chopper and its crew approached Mansfield, my family and neighbors were about to witness UFO history.

UFOPhoto: http://ufo-blogg.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-coyne-helicopter-and-ufo-incident.html.

My brother, Bill recalls the UFO shooting across the sky towards the chopper. Everyone thought a mid-air collision was about to happen. Captain Coyne set the throttle for a 20-degree dive to avoid the crash. The UFO was travelling at an estimated 600 knots and incredibly the object stopped above the chopper. Family and neighbors witnessed the UFO and helicopter climb from 1,700 feet to 3,800 feet straight-up in the air. Captain Coyne still had the chopper set to a dive position.

During this time, I had driven a few blocks from my parent’s house and was driving north on Paul Boulevard. I stopped the car once I noticed how close the UFO was above the tree line over-looking Sunset Park. The chopper was beneath my view. Here in plain view was the UFO, green light on the front, white light and a red light on the rear on a nearly sixty-foot long dark metallic-grey object that had the appearance of a cigar shaped stogie. I sat in my car marveling at its appearance.

It made no sound.

Suddenly the UFO shot off towards the northwest and in literally seconds it was the size of a star in the distance. Even faster, the object disappeared from sight. Soon, a small squadron of military jets appeared in the area and then flew away since the UFO had already departed.  

October 1973 was a record month for UFO sightings all over the USA. Ohio had such a frequency of sightings that former Ohio Governor, John Gilligan proclaimed October as “UFO Month”.  Governor Gilligan actually witnessed a sighting in Ann Arbor, Michigan during October. The Coyne/UFO incident was the featured story of the year in Playboy Magazine for 1973.

While I am sure some of the hundreds of UFO sightings were hoaxes throughout the U.S. in 1973, what we saw in the sky was real. Many of those who witnessed the event have since passed on.  Finally, after 40 years of silence we are speaking out.

What we witnessed the evening of October 18th, 1973 was distinctly not from this world!


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  1. I too remember this happening very well, me and my sister were in the back yard working when we saw this craft with red lights almost like hoovering around in the sky, me being 13 and my sidter being about 30 she told me not to say anything about it, so untill now 2013 I kept it to myself, we both realized this is some kind of UFO, wasnt till this year for the first time I have read about it, I always thought that only me and my sister saw it but turns out hundreds in Mansfield saw this thing.

  2. Hi Jim, just read your post. I was 16 and my sister was 13 when we saw that thing in Mansfield. We lived on Cook road and it hovered over top of us for 20 minutes or so, just above the telephone poles in the middle of the afternoon. It was incredible. It had smaller colored lights all around it besides the big ones on the ends. It’s a relief knowing others saw it. It was also made of some metal that, by today’s definition, looked like brushed aluminum, and there was a small oval dark spot in a strange place on one side (I walked all around it). My sister swears there was a bright beam of light underneath it but I don’t remember that. Anyway, thanks for the post. I guess we’ll never really know more about it.

  3. This sounds a lot like the thing that appeared above Bath, UK, in broad daylight a few years back. Typhoon fighters scrambled, official story is “a helicopter was flying over town so we scrambled” – except the helictoper came after the typhoons and the large silvery doo-dad that was zipping around at impossible speeds. Video. Saw with my own eyes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43YR_Fstwnw

  4. I witnessed a boomerang shaped ufo in 1994 over south Mansfield around 8 p.m.

  5. My parents were there that night doing navigational observations for the local power squadron. They were within a hundred yards of the cigar shape object. They were part of the group pursuing the supposed UFO. They also saw the Coyne helicopter in pursuit. They swear the object in question had international lights and the Coyne helicopter wasn’t in pursuit but escorting. It’s my opinion, being that there are multiple military installations throughout Ohio, that this was nothing more than a top secret, advanced military aircraft probably originating out of Wright-Patterson. With the passage of almost 40 years, my father now says the vehicle in question bears a resemblance to aircraft that flies regularly over our skies today, particularly to some of the drones patrolling the airspace.

  6. Anthony Woodard says:

    P m me Jim.

  7. I remember back around 1972-73, I was around 11 years old. I lived on Cairns Rd… Just between Bowman St road and Route 39. I remember going out back and out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a star way up in the sky that moved ever so slightly that I almost did not even realize that it moved… So I sort of ignored it and started to walk again right when I started to take another step…I saw it move again, But I just thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me. So I started to take another step, This time I kept my eye right on this star or at the time is what I thought it was… And I actually saw it move this time. I was trying to realize whether this was really happening or not, since I was young and not trying to flip out, because sometimes you could look at the stars and they would seem to move till you realized it was the clouds moving which gave the effect of the stars moving . But anyway I realized this star was moving, but every time I looked directly at it, It would stop moving … So in a very soft whisper I looked at it and said “I saw you move, move again I saw you move” And sure enough It moved ever so slightly again… and I watched but it must of realized that I knew it was moving because this time it kept on moving, only very very slowly at first, then it moved a little faster, Then it was going back and forth in a straight line a couple of times… Then it started doing, the only way I could describe it would be like a “W” pattern, When it did The “W” pattern I knew then that there is nothing on earth could fly like that. It was not Flying fast when doing the “w” pattern…just slow and smooth, But when it got to the tip of the “W” pattern it would stop and reverse… like when you would write the letter “W” then retrace from the end of the letter back to the beginning. It did this pattern probably 5 or 6 times… Almost like it had some meaning or the “W” meant something. Then I quietly whispered to it again to come closer…I remember thinking to myself …”can it hear me whispering from this distance or, Are they reading my thoughts” But I asked it to come closer and slowly it did. It came a little closer… I asked it to come closer and it did till it was right above me. I can’t really say when it turned from a round looking star white to the actual craft … but it was right above me …I’m guessing 1,000 ft. give or take, I was almost right underneath this thing. Needless to say my hair was standing up …But I don’t remember being scared, more mystified by what I was witnessing . I try to remember the color of the lights because this happened so long ago…But I think it had An orange looking light and a green light, And I think the other light was clear but I can’t remember for sure but I’m pretty sure about the orange light because I remember thinking on a plane the light would be red. But anyway it was right above me and I could see that it was round…not cigar shaped like the “Coyne” report. I could see that the top was spinning at a slower speed than the bottom… The bottom part was spinning almost 3 times as fast as the top part no noise that I can remember nothing silent no wind or airflow whatsoever. The top part had what looked like windows, that seemed like they were blacked out …I could not see inside even though it was close enough to see inside. I’m 55 years old, And when I was in my 20’s I remember telling a friend this story then I never seen or heard from him again…Later I told another friend never seen him again either, So I learned to keep my mouth shut about it, if I told the story I would probably be thought of as crazy and lose another friend. So I kind of in a sense tried to forget about it and never tell anyone… But now more people seem to accept these instances of seeing these things, where before when I was younger, People just thought you were crazy. Anyway here comes the weird part, Like I said earlier, I’m 55 now and for some reason the last 3 or 4 months it has come back to haunt me for some reason… I really never thought about it after I realized I could not tell anyone… Kind of put it in the back of my mind, But now it’s been in my thoughts a lot lately, Almost to the point of actually bugging me. Cause If you read my story I can describe this craft completely to the point of the windows…”it would be easier just to draw it ” But like I said I remember looking up at this thing in such amazement, but then I have to stop there because it’s like I blacked out , to which I really don’t think I did… But it’s like I draw a blank for some reason, For the simple fact that behind our house was a mobile home and behind the mobile home, that’s where I had the visual encounter of this craft … But then when my memory comes back again I was in the front yard close to the road looking up at the craft again seemingly exact same altitude just sitting there hovering me looking up at it. Then I remember because I lived only a few miles from the Mansfield Airport… That I could hear the jets Firing up because I could hear the boom sound they made when the jet engine lit. I could hear I think 4 or 5 jets firing up and just before the first jet topped the trees I remember telling the craft in a sort of whisper that it should probably leave… I’m not sure why I told it that it should leave but I did and just as the first jet came up tree level where you could see them at a distance … The craft turned a sun colored orange and was round looking, then shot straight up … A long ways then stopped on a dime, turned star white then went straight up again only so fast it was just a streak of light and gone. But since I have been remembering this lately, the last 3 or 4 months now … For some reason I feel I have lost some time , because I don’t remember from the time I saw it in the back yard Then my memory starts up again and I’m in the front yard has been sort of bugging me , And at the time of this sighting we lived on 8 acres of ground .

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