The 42 Eighty Concert Club in Brunswick, Ohio: Nothing Beats a Party and a Song!


Photo by Joe Kleon

Olathia heating up the 42 Eighty Concert Club! Photo by Joe Kleon.

All Photos: Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios.

It’s not too often I walk into a club and immediately feel comfortable. Nor, do most clubs remind me of the days of my youth when Rock and Roll was king and attending a show was simply fun without having to worry about drama or worse. The opportunity to spend an evening forgetting about your work week, meeting new friends, while enjoying affordable drinks and great food with a party and a song, seems like an illusion these days. That was until I discovered the little gem known as the 42 Eighty Concert Club in Brunswick, Ohio.

Photo by Joe Kleon

Chris E. Olathia of Olathia singing loud and proud! Photo by Joe Kleon.

Located in the Southern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio (near Interstate- 71) and not far from Medina or Akron; makes this rare jewel of a venue a must see for anyone who loves music. Its approach to treating patrons with respect and excellent customer service offers a unique perspective to the vibe within the club and is absorbed within its ambiance . You’ll never feel rushed as a customer at the 42 Eighty Concert Club, in fact its low-key perspective is one of the greatest assets of the establishment.

Owners Robert and Jessica Valore, along with Adam and his staff assure a great night is in store for all whether featuring the best tribute bands in the USA, original artists, an evening with a DJ., or a televised sporting event. Ernie Johnston often assists with the bands and greets you with a hug. Contests are often featured for prizes. When you witness limo buses pull-up to the door and the occupants are willing to stand in line to access the club, I’d say your definitely doing something right!

Last Friday evening, I had the pleasure of catching Olathia and WRETCH at the club and the house was rockin’ hard!

Tonight, Freaks on A Leash ( A Tribute to Korn) and A Vulgar Display of Pantera (Pantera Tribute) perform after the Browns game is finished. In the coming weeks, the line-up is impressive: Warpigz (Black Sabbath Tribute), Hellfire Club (Hard Rock/Metal cover/original band) with Full Circle (Creed Tribute band), Antz Marching (Dave Mathews Tribute) and on September 26th, Clevelands own, Sugar Magnolia  (Grateful Dead Tribute) will knock your socks off!


“Eroc” Sosinski of Sugar Magnolia! (Photo by: Joe Kleon).

So come checkout the huge screen and hit 42 Eighty for the head bangin’ good time!

On Thursday and Friday a DJ provides the entertainment to a packed house, while Saturdays (and occasionally Friday’s) are reserved for some of the best entertainment found anywhere in Ohio. The 42 Eighty Concert Club features the finest tribute bands throughout the USA to the best local or regional metal acts in Northeast Ohio. Solo artists often get the opportunity to open the show, so a variety of music is something you don’t see just anywhere, but the 42 Eighty Concert Club has the spirit of connecting bands and fans, truly a rarity these days.

Photo by Joe Kleon

Wretch rockin’. Photo by Joe Kleon

All Photos: Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios.

The spacious dance floor in front of the stage gives you the opportunity to dance the night way or stand and take part of the band’s music onstage. The club really does give you the best of both worlds whether you’re young or older. With ample tables, chairs, booths and seating, it’s the perfect setting for a group of friends to assemble and enjoy an evening out together. For the older folks (like me), it gives you the chance to sit down and rest the bones. One word of caution, plan on arriving early to reserve a table, this club draws a quick crowd.

Photo by Joe Kleon

Photo by Joe Kleon

All Photos: Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios.

The 42 Eighty Concert Club features a impressive array of electronic systems ranging from their own P.A. system to acentuated lighting. Given the fact the sound is provided and run by the venue, assures the music  sound is optimally impressive. With 14- LCD’s displayed above and behind the bar, it’s easy to watch several sports games at once. Has if that’s not enough, 42 Eighty goes one step further, with its 14-foot by 14-foot projection HD screen with Surround Sound absorbing an entire wall area to catch the Buckeyes, Browns or a Cavs game in bigger than life action. I was amazed at the resolution of the gigantic screen. You’ve really got to see this spectacular view, I guarantee it will be your favorite place to watch your team.

The food is amazing here with good reason; Robert and Adam are both Gourmet Chefs! With two Culinary Artists, a variety of dishes (including dinners, sandwiches and daily specials) to choose from on their menu of exceptional value, while serving mouth-watering delights is another reason to visit the club. Even an appetizer during the evening makes it a complimentary snack to tickle your taste-buds as you enjoy your favorite sports team or  music!

The Strip Steak dinner is their most popular meal served. It’s out of this world! The Grecian Gyro is another crowd favorite as is the Steak Philly Sub is another hot item on the menu. My journalist and I stopped by one evening and ordered the Italian Sub Sandwich (a daily special) and the Grecian Gyro and found the food to be scrumptious and well-prepared with a abundance of French Fries or Chips on the side. The meals definitely hit the spot, tasted great, was affordable and kept our tummies full the rest of the evening!

Photo by Joe Kleon

Photo by Joe Kleon

All Photos: Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios.

Drink special’s are featured all week. The  bartenders serve reasonably priced drinks by offering a vast variety of Brewed Ales, liquors and more. The Bar has ample seating to enjoy your drink, food or just visit with friends. If you are thirsty, this is the right place for quick, professional service. The lovely staff of bartenders are courteous, polite and judging from their smiles- enjoy their careers.

Plenty of parking is available. The restrooms are clean. The location is safe. The environment is warm, friendly and inviting. What more could you ask for?

Photo by Joe Kleon

Photo by Joe Kleon

All Photos: Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios.

Whether it’s a night rockin’ to your favorite music, rooting for the Browns or Cavs or getting your groove on the dance floor; the 42 Eighty Concert Club has you covered!


11219105_1044585618887332_8895321286753699830_nWhat:   Freaks On A Leash (A Tribute to Korn) with Special Guests: A Vulgar Display of Pantera (Pantera Tribute)

Where: 42 Eighty Concert Club

When: Saturday, August, 29th (After the Browns Game)

Admission: $5.00/Door ($8.00- Under 21) 

Address: 4280 Shenandoah Parkway 

                 Brunswick, Ohio 44483

Phone:    330-220-0239






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  1. Jason ortman says:

    Id like to make a correction
    Hellfire Club is a Hard Rock/Metal cover/original band. Full Circle is a Creed Tribute band. We will both be playing Sept 12th
    Looking forward to checking the place out tonight and seeing Freaks on a Leash and Vulgar Display of Pantera!!

  2. Having performed in this venue, I can wholeheartedly agree with everything in this article. I play with Distant Signals, Pittsburgh’s Rush Tribute Band, and our entire experience at 42Eighty was top-notch! We’ll be back on October 24th and I cannot wait to perform here again!


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