Save What’s Left, A Punches Pilot and From Ashes Rock Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill

Save What's Left

Save What’s Left

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

Several weeks ago, the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill welcomed a trifecta of local bands to Mansfield, Ohio. Since it was only the second show involving several bands, I was wondering if the show would draw a nice crowd of fans? The good news is that it exceeded expectations and increased the awareness of Mansfield’s newest nightspot! With the upcoming band, Save What’s Left headlining the event along with NEO’s own, A Punches Pilot and From Ashes opening; the venue was set for a great evening of entertainment!


Bassist, Anthony Shoffstall (left) and Drummer/Vocalist Greg “Animal” Stevens.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

From Ashes hail from Ashland, Ohio and although their fairly new to the local music scene, the guys impressed me with their set of heavy metal! The band was clicking on all cylinders with it’s cover tunes and I must add the band sounded better than any other recent performance I’ve witnessed. Part of that reason is the excellent sound system being dialed-in by house soundman, Jeff Welch. From Ashes has matured quickly with confidence and the recent performance was proof of that growth.


Drummer/Vocalist Greg “Animal” Stevens.

Drummer and sometimes lead vocalist, Greg “Animal” Stevens plummeted the double-bass drum kit like his nickname suggests. The man is truly a beast on the double bass pedal and as a front-man is aggressive and a marvel to hear. Guitarist and vocalist,  Mark Dixon provides a majority of the lead vocals and can shred the strings like a man possessed! His growth as a singer has been fun to perceive and hear.

Seth Grant represents additional guitar and solo’s encompassing a variety of musical scales and solid layers of chords! This young man can shatter the strings just as well with his quick agility.  Bassist, Anthony Shoffstall splattered the lower-end with his fluent fingers permeating across the strings. The flexibility and his harmonic rhythm of his notes clearly formulate the edge of the music!


Guitarist/Vocalist, Mark Dixon and Guitarist, Seth Grant.

The band was joined onstage for a few numbers by Save What’s Left vocalist Jerimie Ellis and Jason Leach. The energy level increased with the excitement and the fans became more inspired! I am looking forward to the continued evolution of From Ashes in hopes they develop their own identify further by writing their own material. The talent is present and the effort is impressive!

From Ashes Photo Gallery.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.


A Punches Pilot “Beaking Ground”.

A Punches Pilot is from Cleveland, Ohio and has established itself as a fan favorite featuring their own riveting tunes. This band hit the stage running for their first-ever Mansfield appearance! Having covered this band at The Odeon in Cleveland and the former, Tim Owen’s Travelers Tavern (while interviewing APP prior to one show) it’s been several months since I’ve heard APP! On this night, the band had reshuffled its line-up and featured one-less guitarist than in the past, along with lead vocalist Mark Garrett switching from guitar to bass. The lineup was solid and provided a substantial amount of energy and musical flavor resulting in establishing new fans their tribe of followers.


A Punches Pilot, Lead Vocalist/Bassist- Mark Garrett.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

The Rudy Records recording artists provided a nice change of pace featuring their material laden with a subtle hint of Alternative Rock molded into a impulse of hard and heavy metal! All fears of an altered line-up were quickly forgotten as the band performed with confidence, gusto and power. The trio of talented musicians created a full flavor of resonance within their music. The most interesting aspect of the bands show for me was the interaction of the fans with the music as Mansfield doesn’t offer much with its own variety of Alternative Rock. The blend of metal music coupled primarily with a little Alternative Rock was a success as the fans enjoyed APP’s setlist.


A Punches Pilot Drummer, Alberto Periandri.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

novnef-201620161112_537The highlight of the show was the performance of “Breaking Ground” which I still believe is capable of being a chart-topper! The ability of vocalist, Mark Garrett to play the bass was a pleasant surprise as he sustained a solid bottom-end, while adding his rich and smooth vocals. Drummer, Alberto Periandri was a shot in the arm of adrenalin as he drove the band tune after tune. This guy is fun to watch as he solidly provides a groove that ruptures the hemisphere with quite a punch! The lead guitarist, Brian Delmar was an aggressive maniac as he shredded the strings with clarity, vigor and sustain. he newest band member astounded he crowd with his antics and technique!

A Punches Pilot is climbing the ladder quickly, I recommend you catch them locally while you can! With the band spreading their message throughout Ohio and gathering acclaim on a national level with gigs outside of the Buckeye State, they’ve increased their awareness outside of the region and are a destined to “Breaking Ground” for a successful venture across the USA!

A Punches Pilot Photo Gallery.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.


Save What’s Left Lead Vocalist, Jerimie Ellis.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

Save What’s Left always guarantee a night of fun, frolic and music on the edge of pandemonium! I can only relate SWL to the 70’s band, Uriah Heep or Guns and Roses as far as their performance is always characterized by the unexpected results of a band creating a wild stir of what’s about to happen next. With some original tunes under their belt and many cover tunes of hard rock covers this band impresses!


Bassist, Mike Corwin.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill show would also represent the next to last gig of bassist, Mike Corwin as a member of Save What’s Left. The soft-spoken bassist was dressed in his purple-plaid Kilt and Beret for the evenings festivities. As I spoke prior to taking the stage with guitarist, “Captain” J.P. Morgan it was clear he was pumped for a special night of epic proportions! As the band took the stage kicking the show into high gear, all bets were off.

Save What’s Left delivered several sets of sonic flavor and the fans ate it up! The anarchy of this heavy hitting band was psyched for a memorable romp of madness through their stage presence and power! Lead vocalist, Jerimie Ellis smiled as he sang and pumped the fans with hope through his smooth delivery of melodic splendor!  J.P. Morgan  ripped through the notes like a dog in-heat. This man gave us nearly every guitar hero pose in the book playing overtop his head, off his knee and extending the guitar towards the fans.


Nick Rohr providing the roar on the drumkit.

 novnef-201620161113_622Nick Rohr held the bottom thunder on the drums with his stable time-keeping and powerful fills. Nick  Rohr definitely lives up to his name giving the percussion roar all night!  Nick Rock’s essence of rhythm guitar improvisations coupled with occasional sparkling solos is a delight as  provides an onslaught of riffs! The ever steady bassist, Mike Corwin showed why his family bloodlines are deep in the rock music scene with his elaborate harmonic and feverish fingering of the fret! This was one of the better shows by Save What’s Left of my recent hearing of the band.

The lighting system of Whiskey Warehouse dazzled all-night with the skilled expert, Nita Rindengan operating the controls. With the display of panoramic lighting, along with the mighty wall of sound vibrating through the venue; the band inspired the crowd. When you add the chaos and modern hard rock tunes by Save What’s Left to the mix  the result is a persuasive romp through the night!  What more could you want in a show?


 Guest Vocalist, Jacob Tackett (left) and guitarist,Jake Wolfe.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

The band invited several local musicians to join the band onstage with lead vocalist, Jacob Tackett (of Trust) and Jake Wolfe of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Trust to hammer out the guitar on several songs. Jacob was here all evening promoting his musical brothers, the venue with friends through his cell-phone and personality! With the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill drawing a very nice size turnout, this new venue is rapidly gaining recognition as Mansfield’s Best Venue for music, food and entertainment!

Save What’s Left Photo Gallery.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.





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