GPODAWUND: It’s Not About Wins And Losses

Photo Credit: Raymond Bosak

Photo Credit: Raymond Bosak

Since 1999, we have been married to the Cleveland Browns with hopes of success. I for one, have only seen a couple winning seasons in my life. The more I think about it, I’ve only seen three winning seasons: 1994, 2002 and 2007. Two of those seasons resulted in playoff appearances. That being said, I think this has been a horrific marriage, but for some reason, I keep accepting this nonsense. That all ends today. I’ve stuck with this team and supported them through it all. I stayed a Browns fan through the move. I’ve tried to find a way to defend every regime at some point, and the same has gone on with this current regime. Hue Jackson is a good coach and he has shown before that he can do the job. However, the front office has really been the wedge between the fans and the team.

Sahsi Brown, Paul DePodesta and the Haslams have some explaining to do. This failed experiment of analytics in football is biting them right in the ass. I’ve seen horrible football before. I’ve seen terrible front office personnel. I’ve seen losses that just make you scratch your head. But this…..this is horrendous. Every week I tune in to watch, and every week I’m let down again. I want to know who drafted Cody Kessler and why. Don’t get me wrong, Kessler has shown he could play, but not here. Not where the swirling winds blow about 30mph and the temps drop like a rock. Not where it snows and is just unbearable. Kessler is more suited for a West Coast or dome team. I watched Ben Roethlisberger throw a 40-yard bomb INTO the wind after Kessler threw with the wind about 30 yards and the ball was STILL underthrown. Oh, and when trying to drown the flames on the Kessler pick, Hue told us to trust him. Sorry Hue, but unfortunately it’s going to take a lot for me to trust this organization at all.

We don’t deserve to go through this. They tore down the roster and let Alex Mack and Mitchell Schwartz walk away in free agency. They released much needed veterans Paul Kruger and Donte Whitner. The roster is littered with rookies and second-year players. There’s no experience anywhere, and don’t come at me with “Well, we have Joe Haden and Joe Thomas.” STOP IT! Joe Thomas is one man. He can’t block everyone, and frankly, they need to trade him in the offseason. The man deserves to win. Guys can’t block. Morons like Cam Erving are getting blown off the line because they’re soft. How Erving is still playing is beyond me. I think we’re tired of the same excuses and same crap from him and the rest of that line. No QB will last here if they’re constantly running for their lives. The Steelers had eight sacks today. EIGHT!!!!

The defense, oh that defense. It’s horrendous. Ray Horton should be the one sacrificed in the offseason, and there shouldn’t be any reason to defend him. Don’t say he has no talent, because he has stated a few times that the talent is there. His defensive scheme is terrible. Opposing receivers are wide open on nearly every play. As for Joe Haden, he’s trash. He is constantly getting beat, whether it’s on a fly route or on an out route. Brien Boddy-Calhoun has shown he’s a better corner, and that’s really not saying much. Ed Reynolds started at safety today. Who the hell is Ed Reynolds? Oh, and his guys can’t tackle either, which is a vital part of playing defense by the way.

These guys have constantly preached about changing the culture in Cleveland. Well, it’s really hard to change losing when you set up to lose. There was a picture on Twitter that blew my mind today that sums everything up. After Lawrence Timmons hit Kessler and gave him a concussion, the only player that was by the kid’s side was Terrelle Pryor. There wasn’t one other orange jersey in sight. That’s a terrible, terrible look. You’d think a couple lineman would make sure they didn’t get him killed. Where was Thomas? He’s supposedly a leader on this team, yet, he wasn’t there. Losing breeds losing. Winning breeds winning. It’s that simple. I can’t see how you’re sending a “winning” message when you won’t even invest some of that $50 million you have sitting there. Spend the money. Take chances on guys. Take the analytics out of it.

While this shouldn’t be blown up again, we aren’t going to be patient either. We’ve been waiting for a reason to cheer. People have spent thousands on season tickets just to be slapped in the face. It’s no wonder people don’t buy these damn jerseys anymore. It’s not because they’re ugly (they are), but it’s because no one wants to spend a hundred dollars on a loser’s jersey. I have a Bernie Kosar jersey that I still wear because it’s the only thing I can wear in public and not be embarrassed. Going 0-16 is a real possibility, and I don’t think this fan base can handle it. I really don’t think that the fans are going to accept another year of possibly the most inept football the NFL has ever seen. These Browns are WORSE than the 1999 expansion team, and that should be impossible.

Here I am, complaining about garbage football and an oblivious front office, knowing damn well I’ll STILL come back next week to hope for a miracle. This is an abusive relationship, but I can’t leave because I still love the team. I know giving up would be the safest choice for me, but I’m worried that this is the best I can get. We all feel like that. We’re loyal, even when we are treated like dirt and blatantly disrespected every single week. So why can’t we get some love back? We deserve something for not calling the authorities and reporting them for mental abuse, don’t we? But today, I’m off the bandwagon. I’ll still watch every week, but I won’t accept anything from this circus act anymore. I am done defending the front office and the coaches. I am done defending players. Until this turns around, and we get some love back, I am done with giving chances, only to be heartbroken year after year.

But remember, it’s not about wins and losses. Right Sashi?



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