The Rust Belt Chronicles Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary!

Rust Belt Chronicles 3rd Anniversary

Rust Belt Chronicles Image: Adam Gongwer/d3 Graphics.

The Rust Belt Chronicles is celebrating it’s 3rd Anniversary! With no income and limited financial resources on March 15th, 2013, I launched the online publication with Bethany Brewer.  We attempted to primarily cover music and added news, events, sports and more within the Mansfield, Cleveland and Akron, Ohio region. We phased out events and news as we discovered it was too much to cover and our staffing fizzled. The insight gained from our first year of experience proved a valuable lesson moving into 2014.

Rock Lines Photo

Our music portion ROCKLINES of The Rust Belt Chronicles was driving viewers to our website and although we were only covering the Mansfield and Cleveland areas, we received positive vibes from those music communities. We began to cover opening bands at various shows and soon management agencies began contacting us for coverage. Our momentum amazed me as we were becoming known, discussed, referenced and recommended. Focusing on the local bands gave us acceptance and are still a prominent part of our coverage!

In 2015, we accelerated into covering the larger venues thanks to LiveNation’s incredible hospitality. Soon, we began covering Columbus, Ohio (who somehow was our second largest viewers, despite no coverage) through our friends at PromoWest Productions.

Our success in 2014/2015 was largely due to our staff of: Larry Ritter, Joe Banker, Marie Thompson, Matheson Kamin,  Stacy Butler, Raymond Bosak and  Anthony Defeo. The Youngstown/Toledo area was next, followed by coverage in Pittsburgh. To assist in the growing coverage, we brought Dave Gilk, Katlin Stello and Mike Moscato into the fold. We developed cherished friendships with 99.7 The Blitz (Columbus radio station), WNCX (Cleveland radio).

In 2015, we announced our  first sponsors: 42 Eighty Food and Drink/Concert Club, The Fairview Tavern, The Blue Turtle Tavern, The Tavern on Biddolph and The Corvette Lounge. Special thanks to owners, Robert and Jessica Valore, and band promoter, Ernie Johnson.Photographer extraordinaire, Joe Kleon/G4ORCE STUDIOS has assisted us with his splendid images throughout the years and remains a dear friend!

In 2015, Michele and Dave Loparo became a strong duo increasing our popularity and professionalism. Recently, Dave Dreher, Michelle Krunich and Adrean Baker, were added to the staff. I am so proud to have such a committed staff, who have a passion for music, and bring their professionalism to their representation in all they do! My entire staff is what propels us to the present and future. One video has been featured in and many of our photos are displayed on bands websites.

I thank you all for your time, passion and achievements!

2016 RustBeltNewLogoThe Rust Belt Chronicles now works with top-10 record labels along with the biggest entertainment agencies and concert promoters in the USA. This conglomerate of a network along with the fans and viewers is how: “We Connect The Dots in Rock”. Our connections are our most valuable resource.

Our growth since our inception has amazed me. The Rust Belt Chronicles has received over 83,000 views in our 3rd year and with slow website issues behind us, we look to double or possibly triple our views in our new year!

We’ve more than doubled or tripled our statistics in every category in each year. We saw a 165% increase in sessions, 191% increase in users and 114% increase in page viewed over our previous year!

Our coverage has expanded to viewers throughout with USA with our top metropolitan areas of: Cleveland (Akron-Canton), Columbus, Detroit, Cincinnati, Toledo, New York City, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Youngstown.

The USA accounts for 88% of our traffic. Ohio is 56% of our overall traffic, followed by Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, New York, Florida and Texas.

We’ve been seen by 154 different countries within 6,972 different cities throughout the world.

Our biggest challenge in our 4th year is to attract advertisers’ in order to offer increased coverage, which will stabilize and increase our staff!

The great news is we are breaking down barriers between music communities, establishing an impressive list of supporters by making the right connections, while offering “Original Content“; which is a rarity on the Internet.

There isn’t the time or space to properly thank the bands, venues, club owners, publicists, managers, management or all the people we’ve had the fortune to work with during our first 3 years of existence! You have humbled me deeply.

This accomplishment for a company out of Mansfield, Ohio, with no previous media publishing experience, family connections, without using traditional advertising methods such as radio or billboards, has been accomplished by the availability of the Internet, a savvy staff and a dream!

On a personal level, I’ve experienced some nice accolades:

I walked into the Music Box Supper Club and the Vice-President of LiveNation raises his hand, waves and says” Hey Jimmy”. I was surprised, only my family ever refers me as “Jimmy”. I literally turned around to make sure there wasn’t someone else behind me!

Later that same evening, I met John Gorman of, online radio. John is the man who took WMMS with 4 months to live in the 1970’s to becoming the biggest force in radio and Cleveland, he’s also responsible for breaking artists like: Rush, Queen, Springsteen (and many others) in the USAI attended his incredible story teller appearance at the Music Box Supper Club and after introducing myself, Mr. Gorman said: “I know who you are, I am one of your biggest admirers”.

I was floored, what a compliment. It’s little things like being recognized for what we do that makes the long days, nights, mileage and effort worth it.

(Look for the review Tuesday or Wednesday on John Gorman’s story! I apologize for the slow review, but this has been an inccredibly busy week!)

A million thanks to our viewers for your time, appreciation, comments, social “shares”, “likes” and Tweets.

The Rust Belt Chronicles is fortunate to serve you as: “We Connect The Dots In Rock”.


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Jim Carver About Jim Carver

Jim Carver is the President of The Rust Belt Chronicles.

In 2004, Jim graduated from North Central State College with a degree in Business Information Technology. Jim developed "Rock Lines" news report online in 2010.After a trial-run of The Rust Belt Chronicles in April of 2013, Jim decided to make his dream a reality in 2014 by re-launching The Rust Belt Chronicles.


  1. Sam Romagnoli says:

    It is great to see how far you have come in such a short amount of time. Keep growing as you are and never forget where you came from. Congratulations Jim.

    • Thank you Sam! Your words mean a lot to me, coming from a local musician legend on the Hammond B-3. My best to Becky and you and I hope to catch your wonderful band soon!

  2. Amonte Littlejohn says:

    It’s nice to get recognition and thanks for a job well done. Continued success!

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