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Lock Up Your Wife And Send Your Daughter To Grandma’s – Steel Panther Is Coming To Town!

Holy crap Cleveland, it’s that time again.  Heavy metal heroes and self-proclaimed deflowerers of millions – the gang of spandex bound madmen known as Steel Panther will once again invade the main hall at the House of Blues in beautiful downtown Cleveland. With their raunchy – sex innuendo filled lyrics – and their heavy 80’s […]

Save What’s Left, A Punches Pilot and From Ashes Rock Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill

Save What’s Left All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing. Several weeks ago, the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill welcomed a trifecta of local bands to Mansfield, Ohio. Since it was only the second show involving several bands, I was wondering if the show would draw a nice crowd of fans? The good news is […]

Mushroomhead, Unsaid Fate and Dose In Concert at The Whiskey Warehouse Tonight!

Photo  Credit: © 2014 Joe Banker/The Rust Belt Chronicles Perhaps, you’re back in town for the Holiday weekend and looking for something to do. Maybe you aren’t aware there is a new music venue/restaurant in Mansfield, Ohio giving you the option of big city entertainment locally? On Saturday November, 26th Mansfield Ohio’s newest nightspot jewel, the Whiskey Warehouse Bar […]

GPODAWUND: It’s Not About Wins And Losses

Since 1999, we have been married to the Cleveland Browns with hopes of success. I for one, have only seen a couple winning seasons in my life. The more I think about it, I’ve only seen three winning seasons: 1994, 2002 and 2007. Two of those seasons resulted in playoff appearances. That being said, I […]

Venue 18: Well Worth The Trip to Rock in Fostoria, Ohio!

  Brimstone Coven at Venue 18. All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles. I believe The Grateful Dead said it best within their tune, “Truckin’” with the lyrics: ‘What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been.’ That phrase pretty much describes my drive and evening of entertainment at Cowboys and Angels/Venue 18 complex in Fostoria, […]

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