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Conversation with Robert Kurtzman

I’ve been a fan of horror movies since I was a child. I remember spending countless Friday nights in front of the television watching “Chiller Theater” with Fritz the Nite Owl on WBNS-Channel 10 out of Columbus. We didn’t have cable or satellite TV back then but we did have an antenna with a motorized […]

The Babys rendezvous in Akron on Friday and The RBC interviews John Bisaha!

The Babys Return To Akron, Ohio this Friday! On Friday, September 30th, The Babys return to The Tangier in Akron, Ohio. With a catalog of great hit recordings such as: “Midnight Roundezvous”, “Isn’t It Time”, “Everytime I Think Of You”, “Head First”, “Turn Walk Away”,  and “Back On My Feet Again”, the band is set to deliver an impeccable […]

Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps and Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society team up to bring you Paranormal Penitentiary: Monster Lockdown!!

As September crawls to an end and the leaves begin to fall from the trees; if you’re like me the first thing you start thinking about is Halloween. All Saints’ Eve brings out thoughts of trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, costumes and haunted houses. I love all aspects of the season but my favorites are dressing up and […]

LOVERBOY Invades Canton And The 80’s Return With Them

Photo Credit – Dave Dreher – The Rust Belt Chronicles – Copyright 2016 When you talk about 80’s rock music there is no way you can not mention Canadian rockers Loverboy in that conversation.  They burned hot and bright for several years  – a true byproduct of the MTV era – their happy, upbeat hits  […]

Grindhouse: Band, delivers at CD release party!!

I’m sure everyone knows the definition of a party or at least they have their own idea of what a party is supposed to be. The actual Merriam-Webster’s definition is a social event in which entertainment, food and drinks are provided. Now nowhere in that description does it say that any of these have to […]

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