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44 Years Later: The Coyne/Helicopter UFO Incident in Mansfield, Ohio!

UFO? *UFO story updated from original article published in October of 2013. Whenever I recall the Coyne/Helicopter/UFO incident in Mansfield, Ohio on October 18th, 1973 I get goose-bumps. 44-years later, it’s still considered one of the greatest UFO events in history. My family, neighbors, other residents and four Army Reserve crewman above Mansfield, Ohio; were about to witness a event that […]

ME-TV: A nice alternative to today’s television programming!

Many of us older folks remember a time when television featured programming primarily based on morals and integrity. Nobody was ever thrown off Gilligan’s Island and the closest thing to reality TV was Leave it to Beaver. Well the good news is cable television has given us the option to return to a simpler time […]

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