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A Purposeful Thanks!

Yesterday, started out as a great day. I was fortunate to be a guest on Caroline Gavin’s podcast- Being featured on a online radio broadcast was exciting and a new experience. I must admit I was nervous prior to the event, but; Caroline had a calming demeanor and I believe the prayer she led […]

Focusing on Yourself?

* I want to thank Caroline Gavin for graciously allowing me to be a guest on her podcast show- BlogTalk Radio, Purposeful Pathway on February 27th. I enjoyed our chat and look forward to speaking with you again! You may replay the show here. I often write about doing something meaningful that matters. Sometimes it’s […]

Making Connections?

It seems we share a common problem with other bloggers, business owners and organizations. In order to succeed you must connect with people. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, pitching or want to become. Until you have built a loyal following, nobody really notices your efforts. Connections are the new economy. Most of our shopping […]

Fear of Failure?

Does fear of failure keep you from doing something meaningful? Perhaps, it’s really fear of success. Many people are comfortable with not taking risk. After all, how would you handle success? People believe it is safer to stay on the current road, never veering off to search for something better. Follow everyone else, listen to […]

Reaction Distraction

We are accustomed to many types of external distractions. Some distractions startle us, but most are common occurrences. Certain distractions may be a nuisance but few have long term effects. As human beings, we usually internalize little can be done when we encounter a distraction, so we go with the flow. But how do we […]

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Advertise With Us!

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