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Do Something Meaningful

  In a previous blog, I reported spotting a dog in a nearby park system upon driving home from work. I recalled reading on an employee’s bulletin board a story of a missing dog. The dog owner’s home had been burglarized and the thieves peppered sprayed the young dog. The door must have been open […]

Arson and Buckeye Updates

The local authorities are still holding a suspect in possible connection to the series of 49 acts of arson related fires in downtown Mansfield, Ohio since June of 2012. A second suspect (with a history of arson) was just sent to prison for other crime(s). If either or both of these individuals were responsible this […]

Are You a By-Product of The Industrial Age?

If you spent your time at work attempting to work faster and harder you’re a by-product of the Industrial Age. If your company slogan was work smarter, not harder- you’re a by-product of the Industrial Age. If the organization you work for splatters the community with billboard and newspaper advertisements’its marketing believes it’s still lives […]

Mansfield, Ohio – Slowly Burning

A week ago, downtown Mansfield, Ohio suffered acts of arson– #48 and #49 (simultaneously) since June. Apparently, the authorities were holding two individuals in jail while considering filing charges, when the two fires ignited. Since nobody has been charged, I’m assuming the suspect’s were released. One of the individuals had a previous history of arsons. […]

The Icarus Deception/Seth Godin Amazes Again!

  Tonight, I finally plan on opening my Kickstarter package from author Seth Godin. I contributed to Seth’s project on Kickstarter awhile ago and although I received the package nearly two weeks ago; I wanted to wait to open the package. The package contains Seth’s new book, The Icarus Deception- How High Will You Fly?. A […]

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