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The Quest of a Writer!

Yesterday, I failed to post a blog. I really didn’t have anything gnawing at my soul to deliver to you, but as the night wore on- I was torn by not producing an article. The inability to create a little magic for a night made me feel like something was missing. Call it guilt or […]

Raw Opportunity Surrounds Us!

“You hit what you aim at, and if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.” ― Zig Ziglar (RIP) Our eyes observe all sorts of activity daily in our surroundings. Choices are constantly marketed to us as we drive, walk, or journey through media channels. We are so busy ingesting the messages, […]

Larry Siegfried – Beyond a World Champion!

In the Industrial Age- gatekeepers and permission controlled the scene. If we thought of a new idea, the first question always asked of anyone- what channels we needed to jump through to make it happen. Often we were given a brief explanation of “you can’t” or “it’s too costly” or discovered the idea was governed […]

Raising the Bar of Leadership!

“Do not take the agenda that someone else has mapped out for your life.” ― John C. Maxwell Hold On The quest to push “the powers in charge” is simply a call for integrity and accountability. One of the main reasons for the lack of those morals is fear. Management plays the fear card and […]

Should We Follow the Leader?

One of the common problems here in the Rust Belt is the lack of leadership. Perhaps it’s due to living in a “small town” mentality or because so few good paying jobs exist. Ducking the obvious questions and failing to recognize problems seems to be fashionable. When a leader allows position, money, or status to […]

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Advertise With Us!

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