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Take the Money and Run

  We live in a society where truth is often overlooked to support incoming money through marketing strategy. Nothing is really sacred or off limits, particularly in the rust belt, when seeking funding. Stories can be spread to justify the means of private funding, elections or the passing of a levy. When funding is by means […]

End Sex Trafficking

  Were not Gonna Take It I recently wrote a blog to raise awareness against sex trafficking. I received a timely bit of email information through meeting culture warrior Al Pittampalli. Last Friday, was National End Sex Trafficking Day.To commemorate this day a project was initiated by Erin Giles, Business Philanthropy Coach. Erin has been […]

Whatever Happened to Transparency?

 Organizations, businesses and politicians often communicate appearing to care or give you the inside scoop. The problem develops when those words serve to explain little, prompting confusion or mistrust. There’s a fine line between passing information and communicating in a vacuum. When addressing the masses don’t presume we are dumb enough to believe “warm fuzzy words” […]

Mansfield, Ohio- Watch it Burn?

One of the problems of living in a small city is the lack of people networking. Sharing appears to be a protected behavior pattern. Being open to new ideas is regarded as a loss of control or power. Businesses and people somehow feel it is safer to keep the binders on and the plan is […]

Risk or Opportunity?

“You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar Since I stumbled upon this nugget of wisdom from Mr. Zig Ziglar, I have often used it to promote others through my writing. My first book was based on this philosophy. […]

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