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Does it Matter?

  8/30/2012 So many days, I have questioned if I am making a difference. Is staying awake half the night seeking clarity, thought, and silence to produce art worth it? Is the money spent on books and searching information to improve viewership worth it? Does it matter? The lack of comments within my blogs, often […]

Are You a Cog in the Wheel?

  The Cog in the Wheel A week-long series by a local paper concerning poverty has led me to observe and re-iterate a few things. The Rust Belt built its core foundation on manufacturing. The manufacturing era has been over for some time. People have not been able to grasp the concept of line #2.  […]

The Narcissistic Style of Management

  Corporations and businesses have an obligation to serve their customers and employees. We’ve seen managers who mistakenly abuse their authority as a gesture of their passion for the organization and are often rewarded for their aggressive style of manner. Brief History Lesson: How the Narcissistic Boss was Born Here in the Rust Belt, this […]

President Obama visits The Rust Belt

8/23/2012 Last week, I had the misfortune of having both of my vehicles causing distress and breaking down several days apart. My car was already out of commission and my truck was the only option to drive. On our journey to downtown Mansfield, Ohio; we suddenly heard a clanging sound. I figured my tail pipe […]

Added Value = Passion and Wisdom

   Call me a modern day Roy Rogers– where (hopefully) the good guys win. Call me Robin Hood or the guy that fixed Humpty Dumpty. I could tell you that the Rust Belt Chronicles Blog was written to give you added value. You’ve all have heard and read that cliché. It’s a power phrase tossed throughout […]

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